Worship Survey

 Please read the following descriptions of 3 worship styles.  Then answer the questions through the button link.  Thank you!


  • A traditional or liturgical style of worship is characterized by:

  • Repeated “set” pieces of music and responses as parts of the service including chanting.

  • Hymns as musical choices.  Hymns are generally unrepeated verses in 3rd person with at least 4 verses.

  • Musical leadership comes from an organ or choir or cantor.

  • Actions are generally subdued and volume and rhythm are unvaried.


  • A contemporary or praise style of worship is characterized by:

  • Varied use of prayers and testimony

  • Use of praise songs, sometimes several in a “set”.  Praise music is primarily in 1st or 2nd person.  Verses and choruses are repeated several times.

  • Musical leadership is primarily through a music team including guitars, keyboard, drums and several voices.

  • Strong expressions of worship are encouraged with varying volume and rhythm.


  • A “blended” service (by this definition) is characterized by:

  • A discernible order of service but no set liturgical pieces.

  • Use of hymns and some praise music. 

  • Musical leadership is by a small music team with piano and acoustic guitars but no drums.

  • The overall mood is more relaxed than a traditional service and less expressive than a contemporary service.


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