Discipleship at Trinity


Connected to the forgiveness of Jesus discipleship is growing more and more into the likeness of Jesus, within the context of the loving, extended family of your local church. That's why at Trinity we place such a premium on LIFE GROUPS. They are the place for life-changing relationships to form.

We've also outlined key steps that followers of Jesus, at Trinity, should aim for:


We baptize all ages at Trinity, from infants to elderly. All of us, regardless of age, are broken by sin and unable to save ourselves. Baptism is the means by which God mysteriously and officially connects us to the forgiveness of Jesus and marks us a member of His family. Your journey with Jesus--young or old--begins in baptism.

If you or someone you love needs to be baptized talk to one of our staff who can help you arrange a baptism. Or, contact the church office: info@trinityhillsboro.com to get signed up.

For more information on our beliefs regarding baptism, see THIS and THIS.

Baptism and completion of either Youth Confirmation or Adult Confirmation Class are required for celebrating the Lord's Supper. For overviews of our beliefs on the Lord's Supper, see THIS and THIS.



Our mission is simple: to be Hillsboro's neighborhood church. However, to accomplish it requires all of us, working together, to make it happen. Plus, serving in the mission is one of the primary ways to make friends and experience life change. We encourage everyone to find one place of primary service within the church and to take part in service outside of the church through your Missional Community.

Serving is open to and encouraged for all. For a list of serving areas within the church see SERVING



At Trinity "membership" is really about ownership. It's about making a public commitment embracing the theology, vision, and mission of Trinity Hillsboro. Members make a commitment to leverage the best of their time, talent, and treasure to help move the mission of the church forward, living on the front lines of loving Jesus and serving others in Hillsboro. Members also form the voting body of Trinity which ultimately approves the direction of the church at bi-annual meetings, and it is a required step for anyone aspiring to the roles of elder.

Those seeking membership take part in Adult Confirmation Class, a course that offers an overview of our theology and mission. After completing the class, participants are then welcomed in to membership at one of our services. For more information contact our church office at info@trinityhillsboro.com 

Students, 6th - 9th grades are strongly encouraged to take part in the Confirmation Class. This year-long journey offers students a chance to dig into the faith they've been baptized into and prepare for life as an adult follower of Jesus. For more information contact Josh at family@trinityhillsboro.com



Upon being baptized into God's family, demonstrating ability and faithfulness through serving in God's mission, and taking an ownership stake in Trinity you are ready to aspire to leadership. At Trinity, high-level leaders emerge in one primary way: through discipling relationships within our Life Groups.

At the heart of every Life Groups are a handful of men and women who dig deep into what it means to follow Jesus. The commitment that's demonstrated and the life change that happens in this process points us toward emerging leaders ripe for key roles in Trinity as leaders, Elders, and those who instigate our regular community outreaches that draw our neighbors into our doors to begin a journey of their own.

To join a Life Group contact info@trinityhillsboro.com